Friday, November 04, 2005

Adoption after infertility

Share your feelings on adoption, espeicially if this is after dealing with complication in pregnacy or getting pregnant.


Blogger becdiddy said...

For my DH and I we didn't get prgnant as quickly as we thought we would. When we finally did I had a miscarriage in the first month. Then after another few months, another pregnacy and another miscarriage. Then it was closer to a year and another pregnancy and another miscarriage. At this point we were already seeking help but they could never find anything wrong with me. We were refered to a specialist and before that appointment I had an anxiety attack and just couldn't go through with it. We decided to fill our family out with adoption. To this day I don't miss not going through pregnancy. I used to get a little jealous of ladies that were pg. But not anymore. Just wanted to start us off here.

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